MumfordsonssighnomoreSigh No More by Mumford and Sons
Release Date: Feb 16, 2010
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Freak folk introduced a new generation to the notable old guard like Vashti Bunyan, Richard & Linda Thompson, Mellow Candle and of course Fairport Convention (to name a few). Mumford & Sons eschew beards and bellbottoms for well-crafted songs, performed and recorded with an honesty that borrows a little from those bygone bards in order to bring something wonderfully new to the table. The London quartet’s handsome debut Sigh No More was produced by Markus Dravs (Björk, Arcade Fire, Brian Eno, Coldplay) and opens harmoniously with its inspiring title track, sounding more parallel to Fleet Foxes than any of the aforementioned, though their fondness for rustic Americana instrumentation is endearingly filtered through a pub-dwelling mindset similar to that of the Waterboys. “The Cave” pulses with driving bluegrass banjo and the kind of honed lyrical wit that can only come from a true Englishman, while the drunken, brassy horns in “Winter Winds” will warm the heart’s cockles like an aged rye on a cold night. “Little Lion Man” is a folk opus that sounds fathoms deeper than the resonance of their wooden instruments. –iTunes Review


I am known in all my groups of friends for having the worst music taste. Everyone mocks it. Most try to improve it with no chance of it working. However, one friend told me I had to listen to Mumford and Sons because I would fall in love with them. And oh boy, did I. You know those albums where you don’t ever skip a song, you just listen to it over and over again on repeat? This is that type of album. There is not one bad song on it; although, I am known for repeating Little Lion Man and The Cave over and over again.

One of the things I love most about Mumford and Sons is they have fun playing and the fact that they are now huge blows their own minds. You can tell when you watch them play at Bonaroo or Cochella on youtube. They’re in shock that all those fans know their songs word for word. And I was once of those people who saw the shock. Not at Bonnaroo or Coachella (all those people would give me a panic attack. Really, I’m getting one just thinking of it) but at the Railroad Revival Tour. We were packed into a parking lot singing along to them and they could not be having more fun or in more shock that people were there for them. When they played there was something, calming about it in a weird way. Everyone was there screaming along word for word and it was just fun. Plus, they drink when they are on stage, dancing, singing and having fun. And isn’t that the point of music? Having fun? And they do. So much.

Plus, thanks to my friend, I knew about Mumford and Sons before my friends did, so they all had a moment of shock when I was listening to good music. So, if for some reason you haven’t listened to them yet. Give the two links up there a shot. I promise you won’t be disappointed. I’ll be here, listening to it on repeating waiting for the next album to come out.