edgarJ. Edgar
Release Date: November 11, 2011
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Based on the life of J. Edgar Hoover, the man often credited with making the FBI what it is today: an efficient, crime-fighting organization shrouded in secrecy. Hoover founded the organization in 1935 and remained director until his death in 1972. –Yahoo Movies

I am welcoming a new sub-category to Book Break! Movies! When I had time I used to see a lot of them, and I’m slowly working my way back into watching mass amounts of them.

It is a known fact I am a history nerd. Heck, most people have learned to embrace this. The problem with this is historical books and movies often scream my name, even when they are ripe with historical inaccuracies and make me rage. The Other Bolyen Girl, anyone? I’ve learned to go into historical movies and books with the fact that they are for entertainment and not historical fact seriously. Yes, I have to remind myself of this. My BFFSarah has to do this with the CSI Franchise (hi Sarah!)

I still, with all this background, let my parents talk me into seeing J. Edgar, in part because I hadn’t been to the movies in forever and in part because this wasn’t my area of focus and I wouldn’t have a nervous tick every time something was ‘wrong.’ I’m weirdly glad they talked me into the movie. It was fantastic. The acting was an amazing all-star cast, that could easily be Oscar worthy. The way Clint Eastwood handled the sensitive topics, along with the mood and lighting made it a good movie. It made me want to know more and see more.

Of course I still had problems with the movie. But give me credit, they were non-history problems! The main issue I had with the movie was the fact it was a tad long at around two hours and fifteen minutes, almost two and a half with previews. Where did all the previews come from? No really, the elderly man in the theater kept yelling at the screen for the movie to show. There were numerous parts that could have been cut out and would have made no difference one bit. There were also often times that something would be brought up to never be mentioned again. Why bring it up at all? To torture the viewers? Also, if it did not have such stellar cast, the movie could have easily fell flat, fast.

So yes, this movie could easily be Oscar worthy, and I wouldn’t be shocked to see any of them nominated, but the problems is in the script and what’s it’s lacking, which in the end, is a lot. This could easily be a rental.