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From the hilarious minds of Conan OBrien (The Tonight Show) and Jonathan Groff comes Andy Barker P.I., an off-the-wall comedy about earnest, hard-working CPA-turned-detective, Andy Barker (played by Andy Richter, Late Night with Conan OBrien), and featuring the extraordinary writing talents of Conan OBrien (The Simpsons), Jonathan Groff (How I Met Your Mother), Jane Espenson (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) and Josh Bycel (Psych). The show premiered on the NBC network and was immediately greeted with critical praise. – Amazon

I caught this show on hulu when it I got a commerical that said “people who watch this show are 3x more likely to like Andy Barker PI.” Since I am in a Netflix slump, I figured “why not!” The show originally aired on NBC for six episodes and was produced by Conan O’Brien.

It was a short, quirky, mystery show. I love it and wish that there was more of the episodes. Often shows go on too long: this one went on too short. It starts off when Andy Barker, played by Andy Richter, is a CPA, opens up a new office. It just happens that this office used to be rented by a PI and everyone still thinks it is rented by the PI. Andy of course tries to tell them that he is not a PI, but money is being thrown at him so it is almost impossible for him to really say no. Being a PI works for him though. Not cause he hates being a CPA, he doesn’t, he loves it; but he really has a knack for being a PI.

The cool thing is he gets help from everyone around him. His wife, who completely disapproves at first but ends up helping him in the end. There is also Simon, who is the manager of the video store below Andy’s office. The mans movie knowledge is amazing, which often comes in handy in the PI business (who knew?!) And then there is Wally who owns an Afghan restaurant but after 9/11 his restaurant became very American themed. Wally is also very into surveillance, in part because a family member of his can’t work for shit, which comes in handy when Andy needs to watch people in the parking lot (which is often.) And lastly one of the main characters is Lew Staziak. Lew happens to be the PI that had the office before Andy. Lew loves Andy and is more than willing to help Andy. Of course he would never admit that to Andy, because that’s not Lew. Lew is a 70-year-old hard ass and proud of it.

I’m sure I’m not doing an amazing job of explaining it, but seriously go watch it. Six, half hour episodes? Easy peasy!