magicLaced with Magic (Sugar Maple #2) by Barbara Bretton
Release Date: August 4, 2009
Publisher: Berkley Trade
Source: Digital Copy
Rating: starstarstarstarblank_star
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From “a master storyteller”(Booklist (starred review) comes more magic, knitting, and love in the delightful follow-up to Casting Spells.

Knit shop owner and sorcerer’s daughter Chloe Hobbs felt the Fates finally got it right when she met Luke MacKenzie. And no one could have convinced her otherwise-including the trolls, selkies, or spirits who also call Sugar Maple, Vermont, home. But then out of nowhere Luke’s ex-wife suddenly shows up, claiming to see the spirit of their daughter, Steffie-a daughter Chloe knows nothing about.

Steffie’s spirit is being held hostage by a certain Fae leader. And if Chloe weaves a spell to free her spirit, her nemesis will also be free-free to destroy her yarn shop and all of Sugar Maple. But if she doesn’t, Steffie won’t be the only one spending eternity in hell. Chloe’ll be joining her, cursed with a broken heart. – Goodreads


We meet Chloe once again. Chloe still lives in Sugar Maple, Vermont, with her boyfriend Luke, whose contract is up soon which leads Chloe to wonder if he is going to stay or if he is going to move back to the big city. Another problem, magic is running amok in town. If that isn’t bad enough, Luke’s ex-wife comes into town with some secrets of her own. And these secrets are a doozey.

This book is an excellent second book in the series. It does not hit the sophomore slump that many books fall to. I could not put this book down, nor did I want to. Luke’s ex-wife starts off annoying enough and then you kind of start to fall in love with her (in her own way.) The town acts as crazy as ever, but it’s the perfection continuation of book one, mentioned here. There is another mystery which Chloe helps to solve once again, in part to the fact it involves Luke and his ex-wife. Chloe doesn’t want to help in part because it kills her (Luke kept a secret) but she does, and thank heavens she does because it involves a bad guy from the first book.

The thing is, as much as I mention the first book, you could easily read this book without reading the first book. It recaps it in a way you don’t even feel like you’re getting a recap, which is always lovely. Plus this book ends on a wicked cliffhanger, rivals those of the YA variety.