berlinMy Berlin Kitchen: A Love Story (with Recipes) by Luisa Weiss
Release Date: September 13, 2012
Publisher: Viking Adult
Source: ARC from Publisher
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The Wednesday Chef cooks her heart out, finds her way home, and shares her recipes with us

It takes courage to turn your life upside down, especially when everyone is telling you how lucky you are. But sometimes what seems right can feel deeply wrong. My Berlin Kitchen tells the story of how one thoroughly confused, kitchen-maid perfectionist broke off her engagement to a handsome New Yorker, quit her dream job, and found her way to a new life, a new man, and a new home in Berlin—one recipe at a time.

Luisa Weiss grew up with a divided heart, shuttling back and forth between her father in Boston and her Italian mother in Berlin. She was always yearning for home, until she found a new home in the kitchen. Luisa started clipping recipes in college and was a cookbook editor in New York when she decided to bake, roast, and stew her way through her, by then, unwieldy collection over the course of one tumultuous year. The blog she wrote to document her adventures in (and out) of the kitchen, The Wednesday Chef, soon became a sensation. But she never stopped hankering for Berlin.

Luisa will seduce you with her stories of foraging for plums in abandoned orchards, battling with white asparagus at the tail end of the season, orchestrating a three-family Thanksgiving in Berlin, and mending her broken heart with batches (and batches) of impossible German Christmas cookies. Fans of her award-winning blog will know the happy ending, but anyone who enjoyed Julie and Julia will laugh and cheer and cook alongside Luisa as she takes us into her heart and tells us how she gave up everything only to find love waiting where she least expected it. – Goodreads


This book made me so happy. I’ve read the author’s’ blog, The Wednesday Chef, for quite some time, so when there was a chance to get an ARC of her book My Berlin Kitchen: A Love Story, I had to enter. I loved almost everything about this book. The cover, the writing, the recipes.

    This is the story of Luisa Weiss. She was born to an English father, Italian mother, in cold war West Germany. She moves a lot between various countries and ends up taking a jump and ending back up in Berlin, which ends up working for the best. The chapters also all end with recipes that I am now dying to make even though it is 110 outside and the thought of turning on the oven is usually frowned upon, but for these recipes I wanted to, I still want to.

    Luisa welcomes you into her own little world and little family for a bit. I laughed with Luisa, I cried with her. Both of which were embarrassing because I read this at work near my co workers. There goes that hardass edge I try to show. There is a point in the book when I swear I yelled “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” because she does something and you want to shake her. But it’s okay. It all works out for the best in the end.

    This book is a nice addition for her blog if you’re a long time reader, but it’s also a good stand alone book for one who hasn’t ever read her blog.