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TNT’s Leverage takes a Robin Hood approach to criminal justice. After losing his son, ex-insurance investigator Nathan Ford (Timothy Hutton) reinvents himself as an avenging angel who rights wrongs for victims of organized greed with the skilled support of thief Parker (Beth Riesgraf), hacker Alec Hardison (Aldis Hodge), grifter Sophie Devereaux (Coupling‘s Gina Bellman), and retrieval specialist or “hitter” Elliot Spencer (Angel‘s Christian Kane).In the spirit of Mission: Impossible, each episode revolves around a different job, and though producer/director Dean Devlin (Independence Day) shot the pilot in Chicago, Leverage Consulting sets up shop in L.A., where the rest of the series takes place. Hardly original–even the jazz-funk score sounds familiar–it’s still a breezy lark that moves easily between drama and comedy, and the flashbacks to the team’s past are a fun touch. During their inaugural year, they represent clients ranging from a wounded reservist to Nate’s pastor (D.B. Sweeney). Other notable guests include Buffy‘s Danny Strong as a conscience-free contractor and Popular‘s Sara Rue as an endangered whistleblower. All the while, the hard-drinking Nate’s attraction to the increasingly alarmed Sophie grows at the same rate as his alcohol consumption (Alec also develops a crush on the oblivious Parker). –Kathleen C. Fennessy (from Amazon)

This TV show is a re-telling of a modern day Robin Hood. There is Nate Ford, the head “mastermind” of the team with his own shitty past. His son died (in part due to him) and he took his grief and turned it into something interesting. Then there is Sophie, a grifter. Sophie is a horrible actress. HORRIBLE. Everyone knows it, but Sophie. Sophie thinks she is the greatest actress to walk the Earth. Here’s the thing about Sophie, when Sophie embraces a character in a grift, she is almost a perfect actress. It is a beautiful thing to see come to life. Then comes the highlight of the show. The comical three. First there is Hardison, a computer geek who does his best behind a computer. Plus, his nemesis is played by Wil Wheaton! Then is his bff (but they will both deny it), Eliot. Eliot is the hitter. He can beat up five men in the time it takes you to blink. There is also a back story to him, that even seasons into the show is still being show. Lastly, there is Parker. Oh Parker. She’s quirky. But a good quirky. She has what many consider to be the fun job. She’s the thief. She can steal anything. Quickly.

The five person team were good by themselves, but they are amazing together.

Now, I know, you’re going but they steal! And they do, but they steal from the rich to help the poor/the bad to help the good. I can’t think of a time I am not pulling for them to come off as the winner. This team has their enemies. It’s currently the fifth season of the show and they are also fighting a bad guy through the season, even if that bad guy may be a person on their team who is fighting their own demons. (I’m looking at you Nate. I’m almost always looking at you.)

I look forward to this show every single week. I look forward mostly to watching Hardison, Eliot, and Parker with a dash of Nate and Sophie. The show just went on summer hiatus (thanks TNT!) but this means you now have time to catch up on it!