treeThe 13-Story Treehouse by Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton
Release Date: April 16, 2013
Publisher: Feiwel & Friends
Source: Netgalley
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Who wouldn’t want to live in a treehouse? Especially a 13-storey treehouse that has a bowling alley, a see-through swimming pool, a tank full of sharks, a library full of comics, a secret underground laboratory, a games room, self-making beds, vines you can swing on, a vegetable vaporiser and a marshmallow machine that follows you around and automatically shoots your favourite flavoured marshmallows into your mouth whenever it discerns you’re hungry.

Two new characters – Andy and Terry – live here, make books together, and have a series of completely nutty adventures. Because: ANYTHING can happen in a 13-storey treehouse.

This is a major new series from Andy and Terry- and it’s the logical evolution of all their previous books. There are echoes of the Just stories in the Andy and Terry friendship, the breakaway stories in the Bad Book (the Adventures of Super Finger), there’s the easy readability of the Cat on the Mat and the Big Fat Cow, and like all these books, the illustrations are as much a part of the story as the story itself. – Goodreads


This is a lovely story no matter what age you are. This is the story of Andy and Terry. Andy likes to write, Terry likes to draw, together they like to make stories. Along with making stories they live in a 13-Story Treehouse. Epic, right?

Through use of drawings and witty dialogue, the two take the reader on the journey of life in the treehouse and life while creating a novel. They get to drink from a lemonade fountain, they get into tons of hijinx. The author is extremely good at getting your attention and making you want to live in their treehouse (which I want to do.) They have a machine that shoots marshmallows at you whenever you’re hungry, they have a bowling alley, and then  they have adventures with a mermaid, a giant bubble, there are adventures of the superfinger, and their evil giant nosed editor.

While Andy Griffths and Terry Denton are known in their native Australia they have yet to “make” it here. But I really can’t wait to see the splash they make, I know for sure it is going to be entertaining.