In honor of our blog and all that jazz we are offering a giveaway including a book by one of our blog’s favorite authors! YAY! See reviews/flailing here.

Ashley happens to live in a town that has one of Messenger’s favorite indies, and because of this fact there are signed copies of her Keeper of the Lost Cities there all. the. time. Which is good news for you because we have a brand new autographed copy for you


Look. Shiny!

Ashley also asked extremely nicely (and then hid from her twitter account. She does that often.) if Shannon would include a prize pack and she said yes! Double YAY! Photo thanks to Changing Hands.


As someone who has one of these prize packs I can tell you it is awesome. It includes:

  • An exclusive set of four signed and numbered limited edition 4″ x 6″ color art prints
  • A sheet of four stickers
  • A mallowmelt recipe sheet (note: delicious)

Note: if Messenger comes back to Phoenix before we mail the book, we will get it personalized for you. However this is not guaranteed. This depends on Messenger’s travel schedule to the Phoenix area and sending it out.

We would both like to thank Shannon for offering up a prize pack and signing ALL THE BOOKS! at Changing Hands and listening to Ashley’s rambles and Saved by the Bell quotes.

Rules for the giveaway:
• US only (Sorry international shipping is a lot!)
• You must be 13 years or older to enter.
• The giveaway ends at the end of 3/24/2013 MST. Time check here
• The winners will have 24 hours to respond or another winner will be chosen in their place.