I joke that authors are my rockstars, but no really they are. When they tweet back I tend to flail to Tina and I have planned vacations around tours. Although to be fair I recently planned a vacation and then found out about the tour. But still. Ashley loves her some authors. Sadly my work schedule makes it extremely hard for me to go to said book signings. My BFFSarah and I bookshowever make it work that when we can, we head to our local indie and hit up the signings. Thankfully the awesome changing hands does them a lot, which has helped me become mayor of Changing Hands on foursquare (yes. I’m proud.)

When I found out that one of my favorite authors Shannon and her friend Debra were coming to town I pretty much told Sarah we were going, and then I felt bad and I actually asked her if she was up to it. This was one of the best book signings I have gone to. You can tell that these two are extremely good friends and treated all of us like we were just hanging out in their living room reading1talking to them, with them throwing candy at us. It was comfortable, completely informal, full of fun, belly laughs and mocking. I wish more book signings were like that because it was just so..right. They read from each others books, they asked each other questions, they allowed us to ask questions, they made fun of each-other but made clear the mocking was out of love. I really felt like I was hanging out with old friends I hadn’t seen in a year.

They also had a giveaway in which there was In-N-Out gift cards, which is a plot point in Let the Sky Fall and Debra gave out a Changing Hands gift card,shannon which I was lucky enough to win. Because in the words of my friend “Yes, exactly what you needed. Another excuse to spend money here.” Thank you Debra, I didn’t thank you enough in person!

I’m sure I’ve made it clear, but I love and adore Shannon (and her writing) I’m pretty sure so far I’ve come to all of her Arizona events and not once has she looked at me like “Oh. The crazy one is back.” Here’s the thing, I ramble to Shannon a lot, which is hilarious because she rambles a lot, too but she debranever once treated me like a bother, or a pester. Even though I send far too many tweets that I usually get really embarrassed about. Every time I see her, it’s like hanging out with an old friend for an hour, it’s awesome and lovely. And Debra and I discussed nail polish, it was equally awesome. Thank you Shannon and Debra for coming to Arizona, we really do love you here.

If you haven’t been to a book signing I can’t recommend it enough! Who do you wish you could meet? Who have you met?

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