Tina and I joke that she gets all the concerts that I want and that I get all the book signings. And it’s kind of true. I luck out, I live by a really good neighborhood indie that loves to host signings and Tina lives in the 3rd biggest city in the United States and I only live in the 5th/6th (we fight it out every year) so I get NO GOOD CONCERTS. But I’m not bitter.

Anyhoo, I am here to cover another book tour that came to my lovely city.

This time we hosted Cynthia Hand, Veronica Rossi, Tahereh Mafi and Anna Carey. It was extremely informal and full of jokes and questions. Every author introduced another author and pretty much professed their love of each other while still being factual and hilarious and even shocking each other! They answered any and all questions from the audience, including mine “So clearly you all hate each other, how did 911786_10102414819130001_1290235946_nyou all meet?” Thankfully they enjoyed my snarky question. They even found out things from each other that they didn’t know. Tahereh was a big Cynthia fangirl and Cynthia had no idea. They also answered questions that ranged from “what was the first book you wrote?” to “How do you get through the tough times?”

They were all also extremely nice and so thankful that people came out to visit and spend time with them. I had to hang at the end of the line because I brought a few too many books (what? I have a problem!) and they were still extremely happy and enthusiastic, even after I had camera issues and had to take another photo with 912932_10102415109293511_256157947_nCynthia and Veronica they were more than happy, too. Tahereh was 912713_10102415088604971_383987994_nnice enough to doodle on the cover of my book for me and Anna was just as nice and lovely from the last time I saw her.

It was awesome. I bonded with Cynthia Hand about ships in books, Veronica Rossi remembered me from my twitter photo (I’m in a ball pit) and Tahereh Mafi and Anna Carey and I discussed nail polish. It was a lovely night.

Thanks to my lovely side kick Laurel for taking the photos of me. Of course she had no choice. As I reminded her “I AM YOUR RIDE LAUREL.” You’re a good photographer and friend (for putting up with me.)