Openly YA
I’m a wee bit OCD (I can think of two people reading that who just laughed really hard). I have a way I do things every day. One of those things is the events page at my local indie. They update about once a month en masse, but I check everyday. WHAT IF I DON’T AND I MISS AN EVENT? Ignoring the fact I’m also Facebook friends with them and follow their twitter, I still do this ritual.

One day I checked and noticed that the “Openly YA tour” was coming through Phoenix. I proceeded to send the following 1232534_10102860838842921_1244436969_ntext message to my bff who I drag to book events with me, “David Levithan, Aaron Hartzler, and Bill Konigsberg are coming. WE. ARE. GOING.” And then I felt bad and said something like “or I AM.” While Bill is a local author and I have seen him a few times, I have not had the pleasure of seeing the other two.

THRILLED, I went. Thrilled I live in a community that embraces it. And loved it with me. Because here’s the thing, these are three passionate authors.  They love what they do and were open to any and all questions.  I asked what Aaron’s extremely religious parents thought of his book since it was the only memoir and I refuse to give the answer, because Aaron and I also shared a lovely awkward eye contact moment as my friend and I were the only two people in the front row.

At the end of the talk, which included questions, they were open to signing any and all books. During this time Aaron and I discussed UofArizona (we both went for our Masters, he forced his ACT-100 student to find the library!) and how I currently work at a Christian university as a fairly flaming liberal (with his background he noted what I am doing is important. Which is nice to hear). David and I discussed how many books I brought and how I love his writing and what it means to me. And, as always, Bill and I discussed food. We always discuss food.

Over all an extremely good time had by all (I think. Hope!)

aarib' david