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Today,  we are happy to bejoining Bloomsbury in the First Loves blog tour, celebrating five authors and their new summer books. We hope you enjoy the question I (Ashley) decided to ask!

Side note: tonight, I am lucky enough to go to my local indie and hang with three of the lovely authors: Jillian Cantor, Lindsey Leavitt, and Emery Lord. One of whom is a local author and friend (hi Jillian!), one who’s books I have always loved (hi Lindsey!), and a brand new author who has recently become my friend and I joke with her “came for the book, stayed for the feminism and snark! (Hi Emery!) When Bloomsbury asked us to host this blog tour, I say “yes” so fast, I may have scared the lovely person I was emailing!

Thanks ladies for answering my question!

Authors Included, if not clickable, review coming soon!


The Question: What do you wish you could tell yourself about your first love?



Lindsey Leavitt, The Chapel Wars

He isn’t and never is going to be perfect. Throw out perfect. Find the good in him and in yourself and celebrate that. Also, yeah, you’re going to make babies with your first love someday. SOMEDAY. 🙂






Jillian Cantor, Searching for Sky

My first love was my high school boyfriend, who is now my husband. He’s two years older than me, and I spent a good portion of the summer before he left for college (and I was still stuck in high school) worrying about how and when we were going to break up. But, we actually never did. We continued dating, even long distance while he was at college and I was in high school. Eventually I went to the same college as him, we both graduated, he moved with me across the country for grad school and we got married. So I guess what I wish I could tell myself was not to worry so much and that everything was going to work out.



Emery Lord, Open Road Summer

That it will all be okay. That it’ll turn out exactly the way it’s meant to. It can be so hard to see, when you’re in the thick of any relationship, what direction you’re even headed in—let alone where you’ll end up. In my case, I’d say: you are lucky he came into your life. That will always be true.


Kristen Rae, Wish You Were Italian

You picked a good one. (I married him, hee hee)






Mandy Hubbard, Fool Me Twice

Oyyyy. That’s a messy one. I guess I’d warn myself that most of what he’s said about himself is a lie. He’s not homeschooled—he dropped out. He’s not waiting to get his license because he was traumatized by a family member’s car accident—he just hasn’t gotten around to it. He’s not always the victim—in fact he’s got a hell of a temper problem.  That’s probably a bit dark/serious in contrast with my novel, but my first love was one heck of a roller coaster!