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Today we are happy to be hosting Bethany Neal and her lovely book My Last Kiss, which we reviewed here. A bit about Bethany and then our favorite topic, Top 6 Fictional Bad Boys (who aren’t so bad).


009eBethany Neal writes YA novels with a little dark side and a lot of kissing from her Ann Arbor, Michigan home. The things she is obsessed with include, but are not limited to: nail polish, ginormous rings, pigs, dream analysis, memorizing song lyrics, pickles, dessert, predestined love, not growing up, sour gummy candies, music videos, Halloween, and fictional boys who play guitar.

MY LAST KISS is her first novel. Connect with her online at and follow her onFacebookInstagram and Twitter @BethDazzled




We’ve all fallen for one…or ten. The bad boy with layers that makes you want to snuggle up inside his emotional baggage and take go on vacay to a secluded island for two even though he kinda sorta accidentally on purpose killed a bunch of innocent people back in season two. But he feels oh so remorseful about it now and looks oh so good redeeming himself.


Here are my top six picks for the fictional boys that make being bad look—and feel—so good.

6. Sawyer from Lost (TV)

Quote: “Remember when you said I was all you ever wanted? Well, now you know better.”(Lost, Episode: “The Long Con”)


Josh Holloway’s abs were reason alone not to leave the island. Though he was shirtless and in danger tons as well, so that pretty much rounded out my excuse to hang with the show through the bizarre smoke monster/polar bear episodes. As his rival Jack would say, “We have to go baaack!”


5. Edward in Edward Scissorhands (movie)

Quote: Kim: “Hold me.” Edward: “I can’t.”



Oh, Edward. You pallid, misunderstood nouveau Frankenstein. No one understood your sensitive soul and fear of waterbeds.


4. Sebastian in Cruel Intentions  (movie)

Quote: Annette (when she reaches Sebastian at the top of the train station escalator—pictured below—on her way out of town.): “I’m impressed.” Sebastian: “Well, I’m in love.”



If you were a trust fund introvert with a propensity for journaling your exploits with socialites that you only seek out because your parents are narcissistic not-arounds, you’d build up barriers against intimacy too. Good thing Annette came along to break down all his walls…and his deliciously evil stepsister Kathryn (played by Sarah Michelle Gellar).


3.Noah in The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer series by Michelle Hodkin (Photo courtesy of the book trailer.)

Quote: “You’re the girl who called me an asshole the first time we spoke. The girl who tried to pay for lunch even after you learned I have more money than God. You’re the girl who risked her ass to save a dying dog, who makes my chest ache whether you’re wearing green silk or ripped jeans. You’re the girl that I–” Noah stopped, then took a step closer to me. “You are my girl.”(Noah; The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin)


He’s rich; he’s British; he’s down with crazy chicks. What’s not to love?


2. Cole St. Clair in the Shiver Trilogy by Maggie Stiefvater (author’s character sketch below)

Quote: “You don’t want to sleep with me. You don’t want to lose your virginity to some screwed-up singer.”(Cole p. 272; Linger by Maggie Stievfvater)


Sex, drugs, rock-n-roll, genius, and…fur? If I had a nickel for every time Cole transformed from werewolf back into human form and stood unabashedly in his birthday suit in my mind’s eye… Excuse me while I reread Linger and Forever again!

1. Damon Salvatore, The Vampire Diaries by L.J. Smith

Quote: “I am warning you, Stefan, don’t oppose me. It doesn’t matter what I came    here for. What I want now is Elena. And if you try to stop me from taking her, I will kill you.” (Damon p. 245; The Awakening by L.J. Smith)


I’ll take the sinister brother with a side of cool morphing into a crow bravado and my check to go please. Anyone who has seen the TV adaptation of L.J.’s seminal 90s book series that out Twilighted Twilight before Stephenie Meyer even had her magical meadow dream knows Damon is the hottest bad boy to walk off the pages of a YA novel and into the small screen. But I strongly urge you all to get your hands on copies of the original four novels from 1991 and indulge in book Damon who is impossibly saucier than Ian Somerhalder’s depiction. Don’t believe me? Did you not catch that he morphs into a crow in the books?!


Thank you Bethany for coming to our blog and letting learn a little more about you!