18621651Gasp (Visions #3) by Lisa McMann
Release Date: June 3, 2012
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Source: Personal Copy
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After narrowly surviving two harrowing tragedies, Jules now fully understands the importance of the visions that she and people around her are experiencing. She’s convinced that if the visions passed from her to Sawyer after she saved him, then they must now have passed from Sawyer to one of the people he saved.

That means it’s up to Jules to figure out which of the school shooting survivors is now suffering from visions of another crisis. And once she realizes who it is, she has to convince that survivor that this isn’t all crazy—that the images are of something real. Something imminent.

As the danger escalates more than ever before in the conclusion to the Visions series, Jules wonders if she’ll finally find out why and how this is happening—before it’s too late to prevent disaster.– Goodreads


Gasp picks up right after Bang, everyone is facing the aftermath of the shooting. Jules and Sawyer, while being teenagers in love, are also struggling to see who the vision has been passed on to. This is of course easier said than done. There are numerous options and how do you really ask someone if they have visions without sounding like you haven’t completely lost it?

It’s next to impossible.

That being said, the group does figure out a way to find the next person who has the visions, but in the meantime things continue to happen in Jules life that make it harder to deal with. Nothing has been easy for Jules and this pattern continues on throughout Gasp and it’s painful. My heart went out to Jules numerous times in this book. I wanted to hug her and tell her things would be okay, even though I had no idea. I never do with McMann’s writing. There is always the chance that something could happens that I don’t want to face because that’s real life. She continues to make me face feelings I don’t want to face.

There’s pain. There’s heartbreak. But there is also love and hope. Usually feelings I don’t want to face, but McMann does it in such a way, you devour the book because you want to make sure everything ends up okay. While I cannot tell you if everything ends up okay (because that’s really in the mind of the reader) I did enjoy this book and the end to this series. Although I want more of Jules and Sawyer, and their happiness, I understand why McMann ended the book where she did. Who wants to read about two teens in love and being happy? Actually I do. But I understand I’m a rare creature in the YA reading world.

McMann is also a master at having things that occur in the first book, come back in the third, but it’s so beautifully done, not once do you feel like you are being strung along. It seems that it was always supposed to be this way and it works and makes you want more.

Gasp is the third and final book in the Visions trilogy and it was, in my opinion, the perfect ending. While it’s not the ideal perfect ending where it is tied with a bow, it is perfect for the characters and it is a classic McMann ending: it’s hopeful.