2120722Puppy Love (Simon Romantic Comedies) by Nancy E. Krulik
Release Date: August 5, 2008
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Source: Personal Copy
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Romance can be ruff….

Alana loves her dog-walking job, but it blows her mind to see how pampered these pooches are. Her newest clients actually feed their poodle steak and treat her to massages at a doggie spa! Alana can’t make heads or tails of why anyone would do this—or why she complains to hunky handyman Connor and not her boyfriend, Sammy.

When Sammy starts keeping her on an awfully tight leash, Alana wonders whether Connor might be a better match for her. But Alana’s puppy love comes to a screeching halt when she learns that Connor isn’t who she thought he was. Is Alana barking up the wrong tree with him, too? – Goodreads


In a weird turn of events, I have decided to start reading what I own. I understand this is a crazy concept as I, too, am confused by this. But, this is book two in this trend of where I stuck my hand in my one bookshelf and pulled out a book and decided I was going to read it. After I pulled it I noticed it was part of a series done by Simon Pulse a few year ago. Thankfully the series can be read in any order!

Puppy Love is the story of Alana, a senior who lives in New York City and has a boyfriend who is a college freshman. It is very clear to the reader that the two are growing apart, quickly; however, it is not clear to Alana. Quickly though, the more she hangs out with her boyfriend she notices things are changing he’s turning into someone that she doesn’t fully agree with and they decide to break up. Although it’s a blow to Alana she quickly realizes that life will go on with the help of friends, family and her dog walking business.

And you know what: life goes on. She continues to live, walks crazy dogs and has friends that support her. There is a cute fellow dog walker who she kisses and realizes there is absolutely no spark with, which becomes a chemistry joke later on. While the book was a quick read for me, there was parts of it that dragged for me and when the love interest Connor was introduced I figured out the twist before it was hinted that there was a twist.

All of that being said, I would still recommend Puppy Love to anyone that is looking for a quick, YA clean read.