Actually this is not a Golden Girls recap, although props to you if you caught that. This is going to be a recap of some of my favorite picture books I’ve read recently!

A Perfectly Messed-Up Story by Patrick McDonnell
Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
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In this interactive and engaging read-aloud, bestselling author and award-winning artist Patrick McDonnell creates a funny, engaging, and almost perfect story about embracing life’s messes.
Little Louie’s story keeps getting messed up, and he’s not happy about it! What’s the point of telling his tale if he can’t tell it perfectly? But when he stops and takes a deep breath, he realizes that everything is actually just fine, and his story is a good one–imperfections and all – Goodreads


While at ALA in Las Vegas I had the chance to meet Patrick McDonnell on the recommendation of my BFFSarah who fangirled herself first. McDonnell does not disappoint and I quickly found out neither does Little, Brown Books for Young Readers. They have a solid line of picture books that I cannot believe I was not aware of. I want to read them all now. But this is the story of Little Louie, who wants his story to be perfect and as you can see from the cover, it is not perfect. He is not pleased. Super adorable quick read.


Pirate, Viking & Scientist by Jared Chapman
Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
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In this tale of a classic friendship conundrum, a determined little boy won’t rest until he proves his theory that you really can have more than one best friend!
Pirate is friends with Scientist. Scientist is friends with Viking. Pirate and Viking are NOT friends. What will Scientist do? Use his brain, of course! Scientist forms a hypothesis, conducts an experiment, observes his results, and tests his subjects again and again until he discovers the perfect formula for friendship– Goodreads


What do two people do when they have nothing in common but a third person? Fight! Of course! Thankfully their mutual friend is a scientist who is determined to make them get along and you know what, his formula for friendship is perfect and adorable.

18077827In New York by Marc Brown
Publisher: Knopf Books for Young Readers
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Marc Brown now calls New York City home, and with In New York, he shares his love for all that the city has to offer and all that it stands for, including the way it’s always changing and evolving. From its earliest days as New Amsterdam to the contemporary wonders of Central Park, the Statue of Liberty, and the Empire State Building, to the kid-appealing subway, High Line, and so much more, Marc’s rollicking text and gorgeous illustrations showcase what he’s come to adore about New York after fulfilling his life-long dream to live in the city he fell in love with during a childhood visit.

This is at once a personal story from the beloved creator of Arthur, a useful primer for first-time travelers on what to see and do with kids in the Big Apple, and a perfect keepsake after a visit. It’s also a great gift for anyone who loves New York, the Crossroads of the World. New York! New York! It’s a heckuva town!– Goodreads


I don’t want to say that Marc Brown made my childhood, but he did. Arthur was my jam. And I told Marc Brown that when I saw him at ALA earlier this month. The chance to meet him was amazing and worth the line because he meant that much to me. While In New York is not Arthur, it is an excellent introduction to New York and what is there. Which, as this reader has never been to New York it was a fascinating read for me.