6453494Waking Nightmare (Mindhunters #1) by Kylie Brant
Release Date:  August 28, 2009
Publisher: Berkley Sensation
Source: Personal Copy
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With a serial rapist loose on the streets of Savannah, hotshot detective Ryne Robel needs all the help he can get for his task force. And he needs it now, before another woman falls victim. But Abbie Phillips isn’t what he bargained for. Sent from an exclusive group of the best criminologists in the country, she’s smart, fierce…and distracting. She may be a brilliant forensic profiler, but Ryne needs answers, not psychobabble and head games.

However, Abbie convinces him that head games are exactly what this elusive suspect is all about. The seemingly random acts of torture are actually calculated to match each victim’s darkest fears. And the stakes are rising. While they study the devious psychopath, he’s watching them — the next objects of his horrifying obsession.. – Goodreads


I have figured out a few things while cleaning my bookshelves. I own a lot of paperback romance novels. Now, don’t get me wrong, I have absolutely no regrets about this. But it also means that from someone who recently inhaled YA novels, this is a change. But it’s a fun change.

Walking Nightmare is the story of Abbie and Ryne two people who do not want to work together. Ryne is an overly hotshot detective who does not need anyones help, until it comes to this case that plagues him. A serial rapist is on the loose and Ryne cannot get ahead of the rapist and finally needs all the help he can get. What he doesn’t expect is Abbie Phillips. Abbie is a no-nonsense criminologist who has no time for anything but solving crimes. They don’t want to work together because they don’t need each other, but of course, they kind of do.

Ryne hates that Abbie uses psychology and Abbie hates that Ryne is stuck in his way, but they work together well. They’re both a bit fucked up, but that fucked up background is what also assists them in being able to be good at their job. Abbie and Ryne both use their jobs to cope, as many people do and what they find out is when together: fireworks. Glorious fireworks. But of course nothing is simple. Abbie has to deal with her older sister coming back into her life and Ryne is still trying to get into the head of the rapist and it’s not a place anyone really wants to be.

While the two characters are challenging each other, they are also being challenged, which is a theme that follows them throughout the novel.  Brant excels at not only romantic suspense, but suspense in general. I was enthralled, I could not put this book down, which was hard as I was reading four other books at the time (as I do.) I cannot wait to see where Brant goes with the rest of the series with the companion novels.