Actually this is not a Golden Girls recap, although props to you if you caught that.10514865_10103840503931231_995984519_n This is going to be a recap of some of my favorite picture books I’ve read recently!

For this post it will be dedicated to one author that I’ve fallen in love with. That is Mr. Oliver Jeffers who I was lucky enough to meet at ALA this past June in Vegas. To be fair, I have enjoyed his style a long time before that. Publishing since 2004, Jeffers puts out a book a year including his most recent book 20821124that is all about the alphabet. For me Jeffers’ books are not only about the story, which is always important, but the illustrations. The illustrations are what suck me into his books and wanting more. Constantly wanting more. My Christmas wishlist is all of his books, all I’ve done at the library lately is check out his books.

Which is a little awkward if I’m being honest, because the shelves are short and the youth librarians keep looking at me like “why are you, an adult here?” Which, as a librarian I have issues with, but I don’t care because they are adorable and should be read.

He also does work outside of just picture books that make me wonder who I can get to purchase me the beautiful map that I now have this deep desire to have. It’s playful and whimsical but it’s also a map, and if you know me, you know my love of maps and my need to have my walls covered in maps.Screen_Shot_2013-08-13_at_10.10.08_PM_1024x1024

I know, I sound like a Jeffers’ fangirl, but the thing is not only is he clearly good at what he does, he’s also super nice and willing to take selfies with random librarians at a conference. And I was not the only one, there was a huge line for his signing at ALA, not counting the three people I forced into line with me, who also fell in love with his huge hit The Day The Crayons Quit. I swear it isn’t just me! He’s also popular with the NPR crowd, GalleyCat, and the like.


Books of his I enjoy (besides ALL OF THEM):

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