For years now, while I’ve been going to Changing Hands for signings, I’ve seen Amy Nichols but we’ve never really talked. Last month at the A.S. King signing we had a 20527824discussion about how the other seemed familiar BUT WHERE HAVE WE MET. It was a lovely, weird moment. But then I found out she was having a book signing and I knew I had to go.

The event did not disappoint. Amy is so personable and hugged everyone she met, which was impressive as it was a full packed house which involved getting more and more chairs out AND selling out of the stock! Her kids and husband were on point and her father was signthe hilarious proud dad throughout the night. Amy started off, understandably, nervous. It was her first signing and she’s used to being where I was, sitting in the audience knitting. (Just kidding, she’s not the knitter in the audience, that would be me. But usually she is right by me). Being on stage is completely different but she did amazing!

Amy discussed her book with us, of course. But she also showed us her book trailer and then read from the book. What’s awesome about Now That You’re Here is the fact that it takes place in Phoenix, and Amy actually lives in Phoenix. I know that seems like a duh moment, but I’ve read a lot of books lately that take place in Phoenix, and you can tell the author has never stepped foot in Phoenix, or used google maps to look at Phoenix. That’s the stuff that quickly takes me out of the story so that is one less, silly, thing for me to worry about.

Then Amy opened the floor to questions and answered things from how to get ideas, to working with an editor and why she writes for teens. It was a great signing and if you have a chance to see Amy in person I highly recommend it. She’s lovely and amazing.