unnamed2What if you could live forever?

At first my answer to this question, without thinking was yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. As someone who has a history degree and forever unnamedis behind on her TBR list, why not? Then I was logical and I began to think about it. What age would I want to stay?

  • 18
  • 21
  • 27
  • 35
  • 40
  • 67
  • 82

I’m currently 26 (turning 27 in May) and I still get looked at by people like I’m 12, do I still want that if I’ve been alive for 80+ years? Plus, would I want to continue on without my friends and 10872707_10104472047931991_1498795669_nmy family? I understand that I’m a separate entity, but at the same time, that’s my group. My people. My heart. And, when I re-read the novel in preparation for this, the more I changed from my simple “YES” to, “I’m not sure I could drink from it.”

I wouldn’t ever look down on someone who did and I would even support a friend who did. And probably be overly excited for them. But 26-almost-27-year-old Ashley can’t see her doing it. I do remember when the movie came out I was firmly set in my “yes” back then. But being logical about it, I can’t see myself saying yes. Even though I’m rarely logical and mostly paranoid.

Okay, always paranoid. But the more I think about living forever the more I think about the faults: money, family and friends who don’t live forever, where to live, money again.

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