Apple-Podcasts-app-iconAfter years and years of denial, I have decided that I finally have time to get addicted to podcasts.  It has taken me a long time to get me into them. Mostly because why listen to podcasts when I could be listening to audiobooks? And I listen to a lot of audiobooks. They are my jam.

However, after listening to Anna and Steph I understand that podcasts are amazing and I have come around.

I should state that my list of podcasts below is not inclusive of all podcasts that I listen to. I mean, of course I listened to Serial podcast with the rest of the country. I mean, I’m not that out of touch with podcasts, just slightly out of touch.



Podcasts Ashley is Currently Addicted To:

Another RoundI love, love, love Heben and Tracy. I love that this podcast is like I’m sitting on a couch with them and 11030854_670463449748667_2460549257844380263_nwe’re chitchating over drinks. They are a lot of fun and discuss a variety of topics. No two shows are alike and they are constantly hilarious. I laughed so hard listening to the first episode of Another Round that I worried about driving on the I-17 (a major highway in Phoenix.)

From discussing politics, to telling really bad jokes (sorry Tracy. But please never ever stop) to awesome guest stars, I’m actually really sad that I got caught up on Another Round. Is it too soon to listen to it again? (Probably). Whatever! *clicks play*




Sarah_logo_r2First Draft Pod: This is one is all my friend Anna’s fault. All of her. She will also be proud of that fact because she is a proud pusher of this podcast. While I have not listened to every single episode (yet) and I have not read all of the authors featured, I adore this podcast.

I love the fact that Sarah Enni asks interesting questions. While that seems like a blatantly obvious fact, as someone who has gone to a lot of book signings (anyone who knows me, please stop laughing.) I have heard a lot of questions asked to authors over and over again. And Enni mixes it up. Yes, she asks the usual, but she asks them in such a creative way that I don’t feel that I’ve heard them before. Plus it’s very much like Another Round I feel that I’m sitting with Enni and the author that she is interviewing. It’s very comforting its own way. Also, as someone who has absolutely no interesting in writing a novel (I know, WHAT IS THAT MADNESS?!) I love how many of those lessons carry over.


Welcome To Night ValeOkay. This one I’ve been listening to for awhile, which was awesome because they just toured through the suburbs. Yes, not Phoenix, but Mesa. That being said, it was worth the drive to Mesa. The event was hilarious and actually reminded me I have to catch up on Welcome to Night Vale. When i was asked to describe it to a coworker I said “Twin Peaks for the hipster crowd.”

That of course is not completely correct. It is not really like that at all. But what it is, is something I’m addicted to because I do have that dark, weird humor that doesn’t work for everyone. And you know what? That’s okay.