11780276_10105425642116601_389225880_oI’ve never hidden the fact that my local indie is awesome. Besides the fact that they know me by name and joke I should be a part time bookseller (I could never do it. I would never have a paycheck), they get amazing authors to come to town. Because of them I’ve met more authors than I can count and have the shelves to show for it. However, it’s always a surprise to see what YA authors will come to town. There is a reason I go to book festivals on the other side of the USA. We don’t get everyone! It’s shocking I know! I was pleasantly surprised when Bloomsbury announced Sarah’s tour and said she would be stopping here. Turnout is always a game my friend, another Sarah, and I joke about. Some events everyone shows up, some events no one shows up.

I’m proud to say the YA community came out. We showed up and had standing room only. It was so bad when my friend Sarah and I showed up we thought the talk was canceled because there were so many people. We’ve gone to (only) signings and that’s what we thought this was because there was such a turn out.

Because I was in the middle of the crowd, I’ve stolen a photo from Maas’ CN8akH5VEAA27jNpublicist. I know where I am in that photo and can barely find myself. It was an awesome group to be part of because the vibe was amazing. What was even more amazing was local author, Rae Carson, was the moderator. I could not pick a more perfect moderator for the event. They worked well off of each other, they both geeked out and flailed over each other. There was also talk about my favorite thing: kick ass females.

Some highlights of the night include:

  • Maas calling her husband Dobby.
  • Maas admitting that maybe just maybe she’s Slytherin.
  • Maas saying more than once “I just really love Disney.”
  • Maas discussing her friendship with Susan Dennard and Alexandra Bracken and you could feel why she wrote strong female friendships, because she had those of her own.
  • The question “Where does ship come from?” And without missing a beat Maas goes “Jesus?”

I also loved that Carson asked her how to pronounce her characters names, because as someone with a midwest accent, lets be real I tend to give up.

This event was by far one of my favorite that I’ve gone to. The vibe was amazing. The questions were amazing. It wasn’t awkward. You could tell both of these authors love their jobs, love geeky things, and love their readers. Thanks to the publisher, authors, and Changing Hands for making an unforgettable night.

Photos include: me with Rae, me with Lizzy (who happens to be a friend, hence the selfie) and playing the pronounce the character names.