Last week, my dear friend Anna and I hit up our local indie in Phoenix, which side note. alex2Thanks Changing Hands for coming to downtown Phoenix! Hearts in my eyes for you! Although Anna and I go to this place once a month for book talk and booze, we came this time for Alexandra Bracken’s Phoenix signing. While she’s from Phoenix, she now lives in New York City and has not had a signing in Phoenix. I have the pleasure of meeting her last year at ALA in Chicago, and the next ALAs as she worked for a publisher, but it was enjoyable to see her as an author this time.

For the whole signing I felt like I was in Alex’s living room discussing books and publishing.I mean a giant living room with about 50 to 75 people, but it still stayed intimate and cozy. She answered any and all questions which ranged from “where did this idea come from?” to “what is the process for creating a cover?” I was enrapt listening to all of her answers. As someone who goes to…a few a lot of book signings, I’ve heard a lot of alexthe same questions over and over again, with very little enthusiasm for them. But with Alex, I was fascinated and wanted to hear more.

It was also a lot of fun because her family was there. From her mom, to her older sister, to her younger brother and his friends cosplaying the characters. I really hate being like “this book signing was just a lot of fun” but you know what? It was. It was one of the better book signings I’ve ever been to, and not just because I sat next to this lovely bowl of alex4candy the whole night (of course that helped). What was most interesting to me though was Alex’s road to publication. While it’s considered normal, she just recently quit her job, where should worked at a different publishing house and she worked her ass off so now she can write full time. Something she said is hard for her because she is used to writing int he wee hours of the morning. Not writing at 3AM, is this something she can do? Spoiler: she told us it is different, but she is working on it and she gets to see her friends again! Brunch! (No. I’m not into foods why’d you ask?)

I highly recommend seeing Alex if you have the shot. Her and her books are worth it.