17248106Scott Pilgrim vs. the Universe (Scott Pilgrim #5) by Bryan Lee O’Malley
Release Date: August 13, 2014
Publisher: Oni Press
Source: Library
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Scott Pilgrim just turned 24, and things couldn’t possibly be better! This means things are about to get infinitely worse. Suddenly, TWO of Ramona’s evil ex-boyfriends are in town, and they’re playing dirty. His band is in turmoil, and his own exes aren’t making things any easier. And what’s up with Ramona, anyway? She’s been acting kinda weird ever since they moved in together. It’s the SECOND LAST VOLUME of SCOTT PILGRIM: Scott’s precious little life is coming back around to bite him in the butt, and it may not be pretty!– Goodreads


After vacation and reading a handful of other books, I finally was able to get my hold on Scott Pilgrim #4. The fun thing about this series is that I was taken right back into the world, picking right up where I left off. I honestly enjoy that when I read books. It was also clear that by book #5, O’Malley has gotten the process down for creating Pilgrim and his world.

What, to me, was the highlight of the novel, is when Ramona had enough of Scott’s bullshit and called him an asshole. Something I’ve been calling him from book one. Here I thought I was the only one that saw he was an asshole and it seems that, no, others recognized this also. Although we’re on the second to last book, this is where everything seems to go to hell. Scott has to fight two evil ex’s. His band has dissolved and Knives is still obsessed with him and wants to bring hellfire down on him (because you know fighting the evil ex’s is not hell enough.) While threads are slowly being brought together, I did find myself annoyed at most of the characters throughout the series I’ve come to realize it isn’t them. It’s me. They are not a group I would hang around with, or talk to on a daily basis and because of this I find myself annoyed at them.

Yes, I know, branch out of your comfort zone, etc and that is what if anything this graphic novel journey has been about. Branching outside of my comfort zone, and while I don’t regret it. I do wish I didn’t want to shake the characters so much.